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Recognizing that businesses nowadays move too quickly to rely on traditional, established workplace design and delivery methods, Unispace was founded in 2010 with the aim of revolutionizing the way spaces are redesigned and recalibrated. Through its unified approach to strategy, design and delivery, the Unispace model allows global brands to access highly efficient and agile development processes, often found in other change-driven and future-focused industries, thus helping them to achieve their goals faster and easier. Backed by industry leading expertise, Unispace offers agile integrated processes fit for today’s everchanging global brands, powered by collaborative client partnerships, delivered seamlessly across borders, and enabled by real-world insights. From ethnographic studies and experience mapping to demographic analyses and cultural checkups, Unispace combines its global experience with unique local insights to help their clients better understand their businesses. Cementing its position as an industry thought leader, Unispace also commissions independent research to help clients make more informed decisions around how they can make better use of their space to elevate the employee experience. Unispace's latest global workplace insights report, Returning for Good, highlights findings from 16,000+ employees and employers across 17 markets globally about how and where people do their best work. Employers across the globe report losing key employees due to mandates, with recruitment also being impacted by enforced returns. However, companies are failing to recognize the drivers of workers’ reluctance to return to the workplace, and likewise, the opportunities and value that the physical workplace provides. Unispace is now in an even stronger position to drive workplace innovation and help organizations navigate through the future of work. With over 700 employees across 48 locations in 26 countries worldwide, Unispace is creating people-centric spaces with purpose – from offices to life science facilities, hospitality, sports venues and retail spaces. With a commitment to creating spaces that spark brilliance in the people who use them, Unispace continuously strives towards developing innovative design solutions for a better and more impactful future.
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