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Cathedral Stone Products

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Cathedral Stone Products is the premier manufacturer of masonry mortars and grouts, cleaners and strippers, coatings and repellents, and specialty restoration tools.

Cathedral Stone Products began restoring masonry the "right way" more than 30 years ago, when company founder, Dennis Rude, discovered JAHN Restoration Mortars in Europe. Dennis Rude is a stonecutter and mason, and, after experiencing stone repair failures in and around Washington DC, he knew there must be a better way to do the work—a way that resulted in more compatible materials that would last as long as the original masonry.

First developed in Holland, JAHN Mortars are scientifically engineered to match the physical properties of the substrate in terms of elasticity, porosity, and tensile and compressive strength. This ensures that whichever mortar is used, it will behave the same as the masonry being restored—eliminating one of the primary causes of failures.

In 1982, Rude brought JAHN Restoration Mortars to the United States and founded Cathedral Stone Products, which became the exclusive manufacturer of the Jahn Restoration Mortar Systems in North America. Since then, the company has used its scientific approach to masonry restoration to develop and further refine a full spectrum of completely integrated and compatible Masonry Restoration Systems, including Cleaners, Coatings, Repellents, Strippers, and Specialty Restoration Tools. Today, thousands of top-tier architects, engineers, preservation specialists and historic building owners have trusted Cathedral Stone to help repair, restore, and preserve significant historic masonry structures across the country.

Cathedral Stone has now completed the purchase of Jahn Restoration Mortars and is the sole manufacturer/provider worldwide.

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