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C-Crete Technologies

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Portland cement concrete is the most widely used construction material, however, it contributes to ~8% of total CO2 emissions. C-Crete has pioneered a breakthrough pourable cement-free concrete product that is essentially CO2-emision free and actually absorbs up to ~30% CO2 over time while exceeding Portland cement concrete in performance.

Our monumental inaugural pour started in July 2023, where around 100 tons of C-Crete was poured in the foundations, walls and floor slab of a commercial building in Seattle, belonging to Don Davies, chair of Building Transparency. Recently, we poured another 50 tons of C-Crete in three residential buildings in Seattle, marking the first use of cement-free concrete in residential applicational in North America.  

C-Crete used local ready mix companies such as Heidelberg Materials for concrete delivery. More projects are now being finalized for delivery with different ready mix companies. Our technology is based on decades of intense research and discovery. C-Crete has won several awards, and has been featured in mainstream media. Key product features are:

  • Zero use of Portland Cement (PC)
  • Decarbonizing cement/concrete: saving up to 1.1 ton CO2 per ton of C-Crete binder used
  • Ultra-low embodied energy by using passive minerals and industrial by-products as binder
  • Saving water: Our concrete product requires up to ~40% less water, helping environment  
  • Meeting standards: ASTM C1157, freeze-thaw, ASR, chloride/acid resistance, etc
  • No need for new building code development: C-Crete falls perfectly under ASTM C1157
  • Optimal heat of hydration: meeting ACI 301 even for large mat foundations
  • Superior properties: mechanical properties, durability, etc.
  • Compatibility with conventional admixtures
  • Cost-parity with conventional concrete
  • Scalable both in feedstocks and manufacturing

For placing orders, please contact our sales at or 1-617-872-6507

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