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29 May 2019

At The Forefront Of Smart Building, By Building Smart

At The Forefront Of Smart Building, By Building Smart
Chicago-born EncompassAV lights the way for the future of Smart Building using artificial intelligence

CHICAGO, May 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Though audio has always been close to Tim Pickett's heart, listening to intuition over the buzz of industry standard has been his loudest proponent. As Founder and President of EncompassAV, Pickett has made a lot of headway in the commercial and service industry by installing top quality A/V and lighting equipment to create the best possible visual and acoustic experience for his clients. EncompassAV has become a leader in the industry by designing and executing better than anyone else, and they are ready to take on new challenges, with a new vision.

Already experts in commercial A/V, acoustic and lighting design, EncompassAV looks to their roots to move forward into the future of IoT, Internet of Things, leveraging new forms of technology along with an elite group of vendor partners to bring clients the utmost in A.I.-driven data analysis. Life safety, wellness and economics can be maximized by the appropriate combination of heightened technology, all available within the EncompassAV family.

The EncompassAV team is about to embark into the Wild West of their industry, taking on new challenges at a larger scale, with a larger team. With nearly 20 years of experience, EncompassAV's sell is no longer simply the best in sound and lighting, it's the best in eco-friendly, cost-efficient, sustainable, smart building for the ultimate ambient experience and management.

About EncompassAV:
Founded by award-winning acoustical architect Timothy Pickett in 1999, EncompassAV is one of the most respected audio visual and acoustical design firms in Chicago. EncompassAV and its staff of 20 highly trained field engineers have been providing custom-designed A/V, low voltage, network and security systems. Since inception, EncompassAV has worked closely with all levels of business from local single proprietors to Enterprise and Fortune 500 multi-nationals.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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