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29 May 2019

Chicago developing the most sustainable passive home community

Chicago developing the most sustainable passive home community

Energy storage firm Sonnen has partnered with Evolutionary Home Builders and Brandon Weiss to unveil the sonnenCommunity initiative.

The initiative will result in the development of first-of-its-kind energy positive community 'The Wildwood of Marengo'.

The aim is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable buildings.

The Wildwood of Marengo will comprise homes using clean energy and Sonnex's energy automation technology.

 The community is claimed to be the most sustainable passive home commmunity in the US.

The project will consist of 28 homes with each possessing a 6KW solar array and a 20KWh energy automation system.

The design of the households is certified by the Passive House Institute United States in Chicago to maximise energy gains and minimise energy losses.

Each residence will produce, store and intelligently manage the home's power throughout the day and night without sacrificing comfort. The homes are capable of becoming independent of the grid during high-cost periods of the day, avoiding the use of high carbon intensive peak power and minimizing stress on the utility grid.

Adam Weinstein, senior sales manager at Sonnen, said: "Once again, sonnen has identified a partner in Evolutionary Home Builders who bucks the status quo and understands the importance and potential of being among the first to build a truly sustainable and future-proof residential community.

"This groundbreaking community development is taking root in the Chicago area where the homes must flourish on the merits of their design and affordability. Driving this tipping point for the next stage of passive home building is a key reason we are so appreciative of our relationship with Brandon Weiss."

"With the adoption of renewable energy gaining traction, and exponentially growing, it's even more important to include intelligent energy storage in passive home design to eliminate negative impacts on the grid infrastructure and reduce the carbon emissions associated with utilizing peak power plants," said Brandon Weiss. "By partnering with sonnen, Evolutionary Home Builders is ensuring its customers and new Wildwood homeowners can rely upon the most innovative smart home, renewable technology solution and approach – one that represents the home of the future, and the concept of 'clean energy for all'."

Evolutionary Home Builders will initiate the development of the community with a completed Model Home opening in summer 2019.

Source: Smart Energy International

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