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01 Nov 2021

Acoem strengthens its environmental monitoring capabilities with the strategic acquisition of Met One Instruments, Inc.

Now, Met One Instruments Powered by Acoem has opened new possibilities through an extensive offering of class leading, multi-parameter environmental monitoring and industrial reliability solutions.

With the world’s attention currently focused on air quality and climate action at the United Nation’s COP26 conference, now is a perfect opportunity to announce the convergence of two market leaders in the air quality monitoring sector — creating a single, stronger and more future-focused provider of holistic environmental monitoring solutions.

Acoem is proud to welcome Met One Instruments (Met One) into the environmental division of its global company.

This acquisition is a strategic game changer for Acoem and will solidify its position — not only as a major manufacturer of class-leading monitoring equipment, but also as the only truly all-inclusive environmental monitoring solution provider — offering in-house environmental service and maintenance capabilities and expert reporting and data analysis on a global scale. By combining its technology across all monitoring parameters, Acoem is accelerating its growth to leverage opportunities in a market that is seeing a dynamic shift from government management to privatisation of environmental monitoring functionality around the world. 

Met One Instruments, under the leadership of founder and CEO Tom Pottberg, has been developing innovative ambient air quality monitoring solutions from its headquarters in Grants Pass, Oregon for more than 30 years.

With the addition of Met One, Acoem gains access to the world's leading particle measurement technology. It also enables the company greater collaborative opportunities and will allow it to significantly expand its research and development capabilities.

Together, the possibilities for precise, efficient and technologically advanced solutions for the capture and analysis of critical air quality data are limitless.

Taking advantage of a complete range of monitoring technologies and affiliated services

Acoem believes in creating environments of possibility — helping find the right balance between progress and preservation, and empowering industries, government authorities, scientists and communities to make knowledgeable decisions based on reliable data.

Committed to shortening the path between environmental monitoring and informed action, Acoem has been designing and manufacturing class-leading multi-parameter environmental monitoring solutions for nearly five decades. It offers its global customers a complete range of integrated measurement technologies and services, ensuring that their data is accurate and the class-leading equipment they use operates with maximum efficiency.

The union widens the scope of options for customers to take advantage of a complete range of monitoring technologies and affiliated services from one company, covering the entire spectrum of environmental applications — including air, blast, water, wind and solar; noise and vibration; and tunnels and emissions.

Met One and Acoem share a common vision to enhance environmental productivity and regulatory outcomes for government agencies, industries and populations around the world. Since its inception, Met One has been involved in a close and symbiotic relationship with Acoem (whose air quality business was formerly known as Ecotech). The two businesses have worked collaboratively to establish some of the world’s most trusted brands for instruments in dust, particulate and gas monitoring respectively.

The timing of this merger is particularly fortuitous based on the challenges that humanity currently faces, with a global pandemic and significant environmental upheavals that need to be addressed.

“We are both pioneers in our own right in terms of expanding the body of knowledge about air quality monitoring.  From two different sides of the world, we each took our own path but the synergy between our two companies made confluence inevitable,” remarked Tom Pottberg, Founder and CEO, Met One.

"Having worked closely with Acoem for many productive years, I believe we are in a better position now to offer the most thorough, integrated solutions for the world’s growing air quality issues and beyond. We will definitely be stronger as one united team and we are looking forward to embarking on this new stage in our journey.” -Tom Pottberg, Former/Retired CEO, Met One

“We are delighted to welcome Met One into the Acoem family and are confident that this strategic alliance will cement our position as a market leader in the environmental monitoring sector,” commented Fabien Condemine, CEO, Acoem.

“From Acoem’s perspective, the decision to combine Met One’s expertise with our company was obvious. The acquisition is integral to our long-term ambition of building on our strengths and continuing to simplify and improve the user experience. It allows us to provide organisations with even greater choices and support while protecting the planet’s most important resource — the air we breathe every day.”

“Joining forces will deliver future innovations for our two organisations, but more importantly for our customers and the communities they serve and protect using our monitoring technologies. With Met One on board, we are creating even greater environments of possibility,” he added. - Fabien Condemine CEO, Acoem

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