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10 Aug 2023

Chicagoland's leader in temporary fence and crowed control barricades

Chicagoland's leader in temporary fence and crowed control barricades
Keeping your construction site safe
United Rent-A-Fence Offers Comprehensive Temporary Fencing Solutions for Construction Sites, Events, and More
  1. Temporary Construction Site Fencing: Construction sites are known for their dynamic and ever-changing environments. United Rent-A-Fence provides robust, high-quality temporary fencing solutions that establish clear perimeters, preventing unauthorized access, reducing theft, and enhancing overall safety. These fences are easily installable and adjustable, making them a practical choice for projects of all sizes.

  2. Wind Screens: Maintaining privacy and minimizing the effects of wind and dust is crucial for construction sites and events alike. United Rent-A-Fence's wind screens offer a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution, providing protection from gusts, reducing dust pollution, and creating a more controlled environment.

  3. Silt Fencing: Environmental compliance is a growing concern for many industries. United Rent-A-Fence addresses this by offering silt fencing – an effective erosion control measure that helps prevent sediment runoff into nearby water bodies. This solution is particularly beneficial for construction sites and projects in environmentally sensitive areas.

  4. Crowd Control Barricades: Organizing events, festivals, and public gatherings requires efficient crowd management. United Rent-A-Fence's crowd control barricades ensure controlled entry and exit points, guiding the flow of attendees and enhancing safety for everyone involved.
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