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BIM Management Implementation

The 4 pillars of our BIM Management Implementation Package include:

  • BIM STANDARDS:  Everyone likes to do things their own ways, but creating a repeatable process will elevate your BIM team to the next level. BIM department standards help bring continuity and structure to your program.
  • BIM DOCUMENTATION:  We know full well that your standards are only as good as your documentation. We can help you develop your workflows, checklists, reference guides, catalogs, and any other BIM documentation that your team and your projects need.
  • CONTENT MANAGEMENT:  Once all of this great BIM content is created, we make sure your team can find it. We develop and maintain your content libraries containing Revit families, standard detail, templates, and more.
  • SOFTWARE & LICENSE MANAGEMENT:  As a partner of ProSoft, BIMTM is able to provide a full range of assistance to help you select the right software, stay current on the latest updates and patches, renew when the time comes, and assign licenses. 
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