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Chrome GPS™

  • Chrome GPS™
  • Chrome GPS™
Chrome GPS™ Chrome GPS™

Multi-Use Applications
Chrome GPS Rigid Insulation meets code requirements for
Continuous Insulation and can be used in a variety of
applications for both new construction and remodeling:

  • Under Slab
  • Perimeter
  • Interior Walls
  • Basement Subfloor
  • Above-Grade Walls
  • Roof
  • Attic

Chrome GPS can also remain exposed In certain interior applications such as basements, crawlspaces and attics.  


Proven Energy Efficiency
More and more architects, contractors and builders are constructing homes with greater energy efficiency – while always having an eye on cost control and long-term performance.
■ R-Value Performance:
• Chrome GPS provides R-5 performance at a cost advantage versus other options.
• Holds its R-Value: After 48 days of extreme environmental testing by a respected independent laboratory, it held its R-value in conditions that involved both constant thermal gradient and cycling between large temperature and humidity variations.
■ Adaptable to all climate zones, Chrome GPS powers up when it gets cold outside. Insulating external walls with Neopor GPS increases the temperature of their inside surfaces which helps create a better indoor climate.
■ Chrome GPS boards are thinner than other insulation, so the same effect is achieved with less material.

Stability and Durability
Chrome GPS is adaptable in size, thickness, shape and density, providing maximum flexibility and durability.
■ Resistant to aging and decay to consistently deliver the highest true R-value performance over time with virtually zero thermal drift.
■ Holds its physical properties after extreme environmental cycle tests, further confirming what building professionals have observed in real-world applications.
■ High resistance to normal soil moisture. 
■ Available in compressive strength from 10 to 30 psi

Moisture Management
Chrome GPS high-performance insulation provides exceptional breathability and vapor semi-permeability.
■ Reduces the risk of mold, rot, and structural damage tied to moisture condensation and long-term water retention.
■ Low moisture absorption of less than 1% and vapor semi-permeable performance provide invaluable peace-of-mind to
builders and homeowners alike.
■ Third-party environmental testing (to ASTM C1512) concluded Neopor GPS-based insulation does not retain moisture and dries quickly after cycling from low to high humidity.

Termite Resistant
■ Chrome GPS is protected from insect degradation with a specially formulated insect inhibitor.
■ Completely safe for pets and humans.

■ Neopor GPS uses up to 30% less material than other rigid foam insulation to achieve the same R-value, saving on building materials and installation labor.
■ Localized manufacturing also reduces carbon footprint and contributes to LEED Certification.


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