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Comfy-Light Comfy-Light

Comfy-Light is a recessed lighting fixture that’s been re-engineered to allow connection with HVAC ducting, enabling it to double as a supply air register.

This unique integrated HVAC and lighting solution provides improved air distribution with its state-of-the-art 360° air circulation. It replaces unattractive ceiling, wall, and floor registers with a minimal design that's perfect for modern markets. By combining air and light into one fixture, Comfy-Light significantly reduces the number of necessary ceiling penetrations, resulting in a tighter building envelope and dramatically reducing energy loss. 

The fixture is an airtight galvanized steel pan can and steel junction box, rated for 90° C. It includes a dimmable 4” LED light. The diffuser can push 50–110 CFM with both horizontal and vertical throw. As a 6” round recessed lighting can fixture, it’s designed to blend in with traditional can lights.

It is ETL listed, has a UL94 5VB flaming rating, and is rated for both IC and non-IC housings. Tested in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 70–2006, Comfy-Light fixtures were found to leak significantly less than traditional can boots. 

With improved energy efficiency, easy installation, and versatile product applications, Comfy-Light is pioneering a new way of designing, building, and renovating buildings.

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