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FoundationPRO™ FoundationPRO™

Beautiful Finished Appearance
Introducing FoundationPRO™ - the latest innovation from Progressive Foam. This one-piece solution combines the beautiful, durable performance of premium siding with the power of Neopor® foam insulation. Color-matched Top- and Bottom-Channels provide a clean-looking finish and efficient installation. The special locking system ensures seams stay tight in any weather.

Meet Energy Code Requirements
FoundationPRO is available in both R-10 and R7.5 Featuring high-performance Neopor insulation, it fights energy loss on exposed foundations to help you meet energy code requirements and maintain a Continuous Insulation building envelope.

Moisture Management
FoundationPRO insulation offers excellent moisture management and will not absorb water, which allows moisture to escape more  easily as compared to some insulation products.

Durable Performance
FoundationPRO is built tough with a premium, thick polymeric shell permanently adhered to the Neopor insulation. This combination provides excellent resistance to impact from rocks, weed trimmers and construction activity. The shell is also fade resistant to maintain its appearance over time. It does not crack or warp, and the seams stay tight in any weather environment.

Interior Comfort
Adding insulation to a homes exterior helps Insulation helps provide a more consistent interior environment for added comfort. And it helps make a home quieter - in fact, similar products from Progressive Foam (tested by independent labs to ASTM standards) provide up to 39% reduction of sound transmission vs. cementitious products.

Termite Resistant
FoundationPRO insulation is specially formulated to protect against termites yet is safe to people and pets.

The FoundationPRO system features just three, easy-to-install components: Insulated Panel, Top Channel and Bottom Channel. It goes up lighting fast with basic tools for a quick and efficient installation that reduces labor costs. The fasteners do not pierce insulation and maintain good Continuous Insulation properties. Unlike many foundation products, you can install FoundationPRO in any weather or temperature. It also is completely compatible with any foundation insulation or waterproofing system.

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