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Halo® Subterra

  • Halo® Subterra
  • Halo® Subterra
Halo® Subterra Halo® Subterra

Subterra delivers high, long-term R-value and better overall value compared to other options.When you specify and install Subterra, you can expect maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and durable performance for numerous applications. Multi-use applications Subterra meets code requirements for Continuous Insulation and can be used in a variety of applications in new construction and remodeling – in both residential and light commercial projects. It is specially designed for below-grade applications such as under slab, exterior foundation walls, basement subfloors on slab, and perimeter foundations.

  • Under Slab
  • Basement Subfloor
  • Perimeter Foundation
  • Interior Foundation

Subterra is also versatile–you can install it for other applications as well, such as above grade walls, attics and more. See your Progressive Foam representative to learn more.

Thermal Performance
Made with GPS, Subterra provides a powerful R-5 per nominal inch.* 

Subterra is light weight yet durable–perfect for today’s demanding job sites.

Moisture Management
Moisture is forever the enemy in construction, potentially causing damage to materials or even leading to hazardous living conditions for the occupants.Subterra provides valuable protection for any installation.

Fire Performance
As with all Progressive Foam products, Subterra is formulated with specially modified material that is manufactured with a flame retardant (ASTM E84/UL 723).

Termite Resistance
GPS is protected from insect degradation with a specially formulated insect inhibitor that is safe for humans and pets. Note: Product sold in Canada does not contain insect inhibitor.

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