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PROBOARD® Premium Insulating Sheathing

  • PROBOARD® Premium Insulating Sheathing
  • PROBOARD® Premium Insulating Sheathing
PROBOARD® Premium Insulating Sheathing PROBOARD® Premium Insulating Sheathing

Typical Homes Lose Up To:

  • 10% through windows
  • 15% through doors
  • 15% through foundation
  • 25% through the roof
  • 35% through un-insulated walls!

Nearly 25% of your home’s wall is made up of studs that typically are not insulated, so it’s like having one entire wall of your home with no insulation.  Adding insulation to your home’s exterior under new siding can help your home meet U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) insulation recommendations, as well as state and local codes.

ProBoard® Premium is made from GPS Graphite Insulation which contains high-purity graphite particles. The graphite reflects radiant heat, significantly improving insulation capacity compared to EPS insulation, while giving it a dark gray color.

The average family of four generates 4-6 gallons of water daily. Adding insulation to a home tightens it to reduce energy loss, but can also create potential moisture problems if water is trapped in the wall.
ProBoard® Premium is made with StayDry Technology®, a proprietary manufacturing process that makes the insulation 3x more breathable than comparable products. With a perm rating of 2.6, ProBoard Premium helps protect the home from potential moisture damage, letting water vapor generated inside the home escape.

Perm Rating: up to 2.6

ProBoard® Premium is a Building Code Compliant UL Certified Rigid Foam Insulation that helps builders and contractors meet IECC 2009, 2012 and 2015 Residential and Commercial Energy Code for Exterior Continuous Insulation Sheathing. 
ProBoard® Premium is third party tested, qualified and certified under BASF UL Code Evaluation Report 5817-02, it exceeds ASTM minimum insulation requirements by over 20%.

ProBoard® Goes Beyond Energy Savings
• Levels the wall under new siding, providing a consistent, stable base for siding to be installed smooth and straight.  • Deters termite infestation with a built-in termite control agent. 
• Protected by a Lifetime Transferrable product warranty, one of the strongest in the industry, covering r-value retention, moisture absorption, and structural integrity.
• ProBoard® Premium has achieved GREENGUARD Certification. GREENGUARD Certified products are certified to GREENGUARD standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage. For more information, visit

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