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Skudo All-Terrain Mat

All-Terrain mat provides an extremely durable traffic zone on loose and unprepared ground on construction sites, safely guiding workers, contractors, and visitors over uneven surfaces like mud, dirt, rocks, sand, snow, metal grating, ice, decks, ramps, and more.

With a heavy duty surface (1/2″ thick), All-Terrain Mat offers excellent durability and resistance to heavy wear and tear. The mat's free draining structure allows dirt and water to pass through, providing a very high level of slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions. Not only does this help keep everyone on the jobsite safe, but also protects interior spaces (i.e. offices and job trailers) from tracked-in dirt, mud, and debris.

Benefits & Uses

Provides a safe walkway over uneven or slippery surfaces

Allows water and soil to pass through mat

Stays in place in challenging conditions

Keeps your jobsite and trailers clean

Test-proven protection agains fire/flame/freeze


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